What Is Enterprise Engagement?

What Is Enterprise Engagement?

(This is Part One, of a three part series)

Up until the past few years, the value of engagement has been debatable.  Not because it isn’t valuable – but more because no one really had defined what it meant and there was little to no way to track and analyze it, much less show real ROI.  But in today’s business environment, the companies on the outside will be the ones who haven’t yet taken the leap into engagement and begun to make it as much of their daily culture and process as possible.

We already know how much it costs to have employees who are not engaged, or actively disengaged, while at work.  The cost is in the billions and rising each year.  On the other hand, study after study shows that when you engage your employees, your customers and your suppliers – and ride that wave – your company will outperform the competition, time and again.  This is the process of Enterprise Engagement.

It may begin with the employees, but Enterprise Engagement is about much more than that.  This is a culture shift within your company – that has overarching effects on customer engagement, loyalty and longevity.  Properly leveraged, Enterprise Engagement touches and involves customers, clients, vendors, alliance partners, employees and even the surrounding community.

Capitalizing on a cultural shift in what we expect from companies in our daily interactions (more personalized, less mass driven marketing and communication) – we see the same types of interactions expected on all levels of our organization.  Thankfully, the same modalities that allowed the shift in marketing strategies also help define Enterprise Engagement.  You have new tools to track Customer Relations (CRM) and myriad social channels in which to both engage and daily interact with your entire ecosystem that drives your company towards success.  These lead to more and more tight knit relations with all facets of what makes your company grow, evolve and expand.  If you aren’t taking part in this, your competitors are – and your community, clients, customers, vendors and maybe even employees will gravitate towards those companies meeting their expectations.

In our next installment, we’ll look at how Enterprise Engagement works, and what your company can do to establish the framework needed to engage each facet of your company’s outreach and daily interaction.  If you are already interested in knowing more, contact us today to find out how we can assist you with the transition to Enterprise Engagement.

April 17th, 2017|