Technology Is Still Being Overlooked in Engagement

Technology Is Still Being Overlooked in Engagement

Technology has truly helped many aspects of business evolve, grow and blossom, especially in the past two decades, after the invent of the internet and adoption for business purposes.  From logistics improvements to advances in communication, from increase opportunities for engagement to far greater transparency, technology has gained a strong foothold in the workplace. Coinciding, both generations (Millennials and the upcoming GenZ) who grew up with both 24-7 access to the internet, as well as a treasure trove of other electronic wizardry, expect the companies they work for to be leveraging technology for all it is worth.  This can be a huge attraction, or a massive turnoff for your perspective incoming workforce of these ages.  What is your company doing to show your younger workers you are tech savvy?  How are you using technology to engage your employees (of all generations)?

Here are 5 tips to leveraging technology within your company in a way that will attract younger workers:

Technology Isn’t Just For Recruiting:  Many companies do a great job of using social media and technology to recruit new employees.  However, the use of technology and communication tends to stop at the point of hire.  Instead, it needs to be embraced – bringing alive social walls, using real time tools to communicate, recognize, engage and involve your employees.

Use Technology to Leverage Your Brand:  Currently, many marketing and HR leaders don’t have a defined brand that will attract Millennials or GenZ workers.  In a recent survery, 3 out of 4 marketing and HR leaders said they thought branding is essential to recruiting – but yet, only 5 out of 10 think their brand is represented in the connected way it needs to be to attract and retain top Millennial/GenZ talent.  Within those companies, they rely on internal communications, employee meetings and training/development in person.  They tend to miss on leveraging social media networks, instant messaging, collaboration tools that allow flex schedules or online learning.  If you aren’t showing these two generations what they have known their entire lives – real time interaction over mobile devices – you need to get smarter about what platforms are out there and how you can use them to attract, engage, communicate and retain the best of these generations.

Less Policy, More Technology: Relying on things like more relaxed dress codes and simply stating corporate social responsibility are no longer going to attract people like it may have 5-10 years ago.  Instead, focusing on apps for mobile devices, driving digital and social media content and leveraging the ability to capture the input and content your employees themselves generate daily, is key.

Trust In and Ask Newest and Youngest for Input: Many employers are hesitant to trust enough to ask younger employees for input or assistance in building out the technology within their company.  Yet, it is exactly these perspectives and knowledge that are needed.  Once the younger generations realize they are needed and lend a hand to the future of the company, you’ll gain both engagement and assistance in recruiting other bright, like minds to the company.

Realize Technology Works For Everyone: Most employees surveyed (82%) are at least “Fairly comfortable” with technology driven communication while many (65%) are “Very comfortable.”  Just as everyone has made the shifts to current technology, they will continue to progress and learn new tools, no matter their generation, if those tools show how communication gets easier and bottom line profits continue to rise.

What aspects of technology are you currently using to help your company move forward?  How prepared are you for the next decade at this point?  What are you doing to build not just Employee Engagement – but Enterprise Engagement?

November 14th, 2017|