How to Reward Gen-Y?

How to Reward Gen-Y?

Sometimes they are called Gen Y, sometimes Millennials and sometimes less endearing names.  No matter what you choose to call them, Millennials are becoming more and more a part of the everyday workforce – and changing the way we work.  So what does it take to motivate them?

Gen Y’ers want work to be meaningful, fun and fulfilling.  They want to leverage technology and work remotely.  Time is more important than base salary and longevity/loyalty doesn’t mean nearly as much to them as prior generations in the workplace.  So, how does thispeech-balloon-green-y-icons effect rewards programs?

Combining your awards with things that matter and give back in the community is one thing Gen Yer’s are attracted to.  Another idea is to reward people as a group, since this is a dynamic Gen Y is used to from upbrining – solving things as a part of a group has been a part of their lives for a long time.  Other options include making the rewards you give center around tools to work from home with, or things that appease their interests outside of work.

We’d love to discuss some ideas on how to best handle the changing rewards and recognition needs.  Call us here at Eagle or contact us and we’ll be sure to lend our expertise to your particular situation.

February 24th, 2014|