Retirement Awards

Recognizing Their Life in Your Company

Retirement plaques and awards recognize your employees’ years of service to your company as they end their careers. Our handsome velour lined, hardwood presentation cases elevate the ceremony that honors their contributions with quality construction and custom details. These deluxe presentations also include premium gift choices that make retirement award ceremonies even more memorable.

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Retirement Awards Wording

Our beautiful retirement plaques and awards create cherished mementos of service, and your choice of retirement award wording is an important consideration.

Retirement plaque wording should always include:

  • Company Name
  • Employee Name
  • Years of Employment
  • Official retirement date

For example:
“With deep appreciation to Alfred E. Neuman for 20 years of dedicated service to Acme Productions Inc.
January 12, 2014

Alternate retirement awards wording might include:
“For loyal service . . .”
“For outstanding contributions . . .”
“In recognition of . . .”

Less formal retirement plaque wording might adopt a more playful tone that references
the employee’s personality, hobbies, or even a well-known story from their career.

For example:
“For keeping us laughing—even in crisis . . .”
“Wishing you happiness and wind filling your sails . . .”
“Our annual national sales meetings will never be the same without you on stage . . .”

Whatever retirement awards wording you choose, take the time to make it personalized and appropriate to the occasion.

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