Melding Together Recognition and Engagement

Melding Together Recognition and Engagement

Within the space of Human Resources Management, we’ve seen many changes in the past 10 years.  The past decade has witnessed an adjustment, growth and evolution of our world at a pace never seen before.

One of the many spaces we see that kind of swiftness is in the push from Rewards/Recognition to the idea of Employee Engagement.  In many instances, we see “expert voices” advocating a move from one to the other.  We see calls for “moving past the old programs” – and yes, there’s a growing list of reasons to bring on Engagement, both for the employees, and at an Enterprise level.  Yet, that doesn’t mean doing so at the expense of the more traditional Rewards/Recognition programs.  Length of Service can co-exist with Social Walls.  Plaques and Certificates can work hand in hand with points based platforms – and yes, Recognition and Engagement do not need to be, and we’d say, shouldn’t be, mutually exclusive.

There are very few companies who can afford (literally and figuratively) a total, stop on a dime and turn type of change, within their company culture or to their norms and standard operating routines.  It is a process that takes time.  We encourage everyone to begin to install, if you haven’t already, engagement tools and mindsets for your company.  Still, we do not think that means abandoning all that you had been doing.  The older two generations in your work force (Boomers and some of Gen-X) still very much identify with the value of the rewards/recognition traditional mindset.  Then you have other Gen-X and most of Millennials, who are seeking Engagement, and more flexibility, more freedom and a different sense of how things should be in the workplace.  After that, the Gen-Z folks, who are just now entering the workplace, are defined by even more of this change in perspective and needs.  So, will the shift to much more engagement eventually usurp and replace traditional programs?  Truthfully, this isn’t possible – as recognition is a pillar that engagement is built upon.  However, we will see things shift inside what defines recognition.

This is an exciting time, but balancing the two worlds of “what was but is still needed” and “what will need to be and is evolving” is a tough row to hoe.  At Eagle, we always have an eye and mindset to the future and helping you grow your efforts and evolve your programs, while still assuring that each generation, and each employee, and your overall company are best served by your programs.  Contact us today for a free consultation on how to successfully evolve and grow your efforts toward the final stage goal of Enterprise Engagement, while balancing the needs and wants of your entire workforce.  We are excited for you and look forward to speaking.

October 17th, 2017|