The Facts On Employee Engagement

Why Enterprise Employee Engagement is Now Essential

Up until about 5 years ago, in the time when no one could actually viably measure the economic benefits of engagement, it was something that organization saw as “good to have.”  These days, it is a critical competitive edge and essential.

Why do most companies lack engagement strategies?

The subject isn’t yet a part of school curriculum nor is there a formal process in place, until now. Organizations have had no choice but to shoot from the hip.  In partnering with EEA, Eagle has opened the doors for current and future clients to benefit from this elite level of engagement.

What Does Engagement Provide?

If you want to create a “wow” experience for your customers, you need to have employees who are experiencing their own internal “wow” moments.  Proof of this lies in the Engaged Company Stock Index, where companies on the Index outscore their S&P 500 counterparts by 5 points each year since 2012. These results are echoed by research from many of the world’s most prestigious organizations in human capital, including Wharton, London University, Hay Group, Towers Watson, Deloitte, Kenexa, Mercer/Sirota and others too numerous to mention.

Bruce Bolger, founder of The Enterprise Engagement Alliance, a new strategic partner of Eagle Recognition – explains in detail why you need Enterprise Engagement in today’s business world.

Powerful Tool

Over the past 4 ½ years, the ECSI has eclipsed S&P 500 companies in performance by a whopping 22+ percentage points.  This is incredible!  Not only do these companies gain in engagement, but it reflects in their high performance, tight knit and highly productive teams and employees.  By using tools within the engagement platform provided, companies create a new culture, which leads to lower turnover, higher loyalty, completely engaged employees – and a much more powerful bottom line.

Who Uses the ECSI?

At this point in time, there are more than 45 companies listed on the ECSI – such as General Electric, General Mills, Hershey, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Marriott International, Costco, Nike, Southwest Airlines and many more. To see the complete list, please click here.

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Cheryl Thomas loves Eagle’s employee engagement programs because they go out of their way to accommodate and serve her needs.


Linda Fordsman has worked with Eagle for many years. She counts on an ultra responsive helping hand when unexpected needs arise.


Preeti Bone talks about how Eagle helped to manage her budget cuts , maintain employee expectations, and grow employee engagement.

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