Eagle Invests in Engagement Agency in Next Expansion

Eagle Invests in Engagement Agency in Next Expansion

Eagle Recognition has taken an investment position in the Engagement Agency LLC to further expand Eagle’s offerings and to bring formal engagement services to their clients and prospects. The Engagement Agency (EA) leads the emergence of the engagement field by providing a full range of emerging thought leadership, education, training, professional certifications, technology, executive consulting, communication services, and cutting edge industry events for the growing community focused on the rapidly growing movement of enterprise engagement.

In December 2016, Eagle completed the acquisition of the Solata Engagement Portal technology platform from Engagement Enterprises, owner of The Engagement Agency. The Solata technology is designed to bring a formal engagement framework that supports multiple engagement processes and award programs for employees, distribution partners, and customers onto a single platform. Eagle is now offering this new technology platform to its clients, and through the partnership with the EA, will license the technology to solution providers in the U.S. and abroad, as part of a full suite of engagement services.

Explains Randy Nobles, President and CEO of Eagle, “It has always been our commitment to bring best practices of Recognition and now Engagement to our clients. When a new field emerges, it needs a shift in the organization to support its focus on the development of effective methodologies, technologies, services, and information. The EA is a known industry leader in terms of building a complete suite of processes and supporting a technology platform in this field.  This is technology and process that is ahead of its time, thus we are delighted to foster this new partnership. Our goal in making this investment is to bring best-in-class thought leadership, methodologies, technologies and communications to our valuable clients. We believe by working closely with the EA, we can create an enormous new resource in which all our clients can benefit, and begin the process of moving from Recognition to true Enterprise Engagement for their organization, realizing benefits in innovation, communication, retention and profits.”

Nobles adds, “With newly announced ISO Engagement standards moving forward, and as investors put more pressure on public companies to invest in human capital and engagement, we believe we can help build an advantage in the marketplace by working collaboratively with potentially hundreds or thousands of other marketing, consulting, recognition and incentive firms to ensure the highest standards in this new field. The EA has been selected in a leadership capacity for the U.S.  to participate in bringing the standards from committee to implementation, and we are excited to be in a front leadership role for this field.”

Bruce Bolger, founder of Engagement Enterprises and of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, will serve as President of the Engagement Agency (EA). Randy Nobles, Eagle’s President and CEO will also serve as an active Member on the Board of the EA.

Says Bolger, “Eagle is a successful company that acts judiciously. That makes us especially proud to have its support, along with that of our many customers, for our vision to transform engagement from a buzzword into a formal field generating opportunities for thousands of companies that sell solutions to the millions that can profit from them. We commend Eagle and Nobles for having the foresight to know that his company and clients have the most to gain by helping the entire field grow by supporting the highest of standards.”


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